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Odin devotional

That's right, she's finally going to do it!  What would you like to see included?  

Read about it, and let your voice be heard, over at my blog here!

New posts at my blog

Just thought I'd stick my head in to link to a couple of substantial new posts over at my Wytch of the North blog on Wordpress: my reflections on 2011, and my response to a recent "kerfluffle" sweeping the web regarding the god-spouse issue. I've also posted (in the sidebar) my oracular seidhr calendar for 2012).

More new posts are coming soon, including my 2012 religious festival calendar and some of my recent reading, so keep checking back (and stop in to say hi)!

Seidhr for Yule

It's that time again! My next scheduled oracular seidhr session will take place on the evening of Saturday December 17th for Yule. These are remote sessions, meaning that anyone can send me a question to put before the gods and spirits on your behalf; you don't have to be local to me.

Currently I only do these sessions three times per year, so if you've been saving up a question you'd like me to ask for you, now's the time to email it to me!

If you're not familiar with what I do, oracular seidhr is an ancient pagan Scandinavian tradition of oracular trance, most often practiced by followers of either Odin or Freyja. Although the practice has echoes in both Anglo-Saxon and continental Germanic practice, "seidhr" is the name I used when I began this practice (close to a decade ago now!), so seidhr is the term I stick to. Many different versions of oracular seidhr exist in modern heathenry; you can read more about my particular version here.

New store: Fensalir Fiber on Etsy

I have some exciting news (exciting to me, anyway): at long last, my new Etsy store, Fensalir Fiber, is open for business! The shop features unique art yarns hand spun by me and inspired by all of the obsessions that form the basis of my life: magic, folklore and fairy tales, the spirit world, special local places and power spots (in and around my home in Eugene, OR), the natural world, and the ephemeral world of dreams.

Some of the yarns in this first batch include wool from rare heritage sheep breeds such as Polwarth, Romney and Navajo Churro; as I’ve mentioned before, supporting these endangered breeds by buying and using their wool is something I care deeply about, so this will be an increasing trend for the future of my store. Many of the designs incorporate wool hand dyed either by others or by myself, including dye made from berries, roots, barks, lichens and mushrooms. Hand-dyeing my own wool--using professional powders and drink mixes in addition to plants--is an activity I’ve found more satisfying than I could have guessed; it appeals deeply to my kitchen-witchiness, the same part of me that loves to brew mead or concoct herbal oils and potions. The opening product line-up even includes my very first hand painted skein, which has an organic, rustic look I’m quite pleased with.

The debut of the store has been a long time coming. I’ve dreamed of having a yarn and fiber shop since before I actually had a spinning wheel, but of course the entry into my life of Miss Wheelamina Ashford, my vintage Ashford Traditional, last July, is what made this dream a real possibility. Wheelie has been a good teacher for me, and we’ve gone on to do very well for my first few months of spinning, I think. But of course, I still have a great deal to learn, and lots more spinning I plan to do--so there will be frequent additions to the store, because I’m going to be producing much more yarn than I could possibly use myself. I’d like to eventually add kettle-dyed and hand painted rovings designed by me for others to spin as well. And some of my yarns (as well as wool in other forms) will be showing up later this fall and winter in my other store, incorporated into jewelry and personal accessories as well as various curious objects for your home and altar.

But for now, if you knit or crochet I just may have the exact yarn you're looking for! Don't knit or crochet? Many of my yarns are designed for embellishment purposes, and could also be used in a variety of other crafts such as dollmaking, scrapbooking, home decor, or felting, or even for tree trimming or other decorating projects for the holidays. Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Well, as I said, I will be adding more offerings on a regular basis, so stay tuned! I am also open to commissions, however, and would love to spin something special just for you. I will also spin your pet's fiber into a special yarn as a keepsake. Just email me and we'll talk!

In the meantime though, go have a look!

Fensalir Fiber: my new fiber-centric blog!

If you enjoy reading about hand spinning, dyeing (both plant and chemical), knitting, and felting--or if you're just obsessed with keeping up with my activities--then have I got a blog for you! The intro post is up, discussing how I got involved with the fiber arts and my primary inspirations (mythology and folklore, of course, in addition to a fasination with the heritage and conservation sheep breeds, and a love for the breathtaking beauty of my home here in Eugene, OR. More to come on my current spinnning and dyeing adventures. Check it all out here: http://fensalirfiber.wordpress.com/

And the Wytch of the North blog is still the place to catch up on all my non-fiber activities, as we embark upon my most active woo season of the year: http//:wytchofthenorth.wordpress.com. Come and see me there if you haven't been around lately!

New posts!

Hey there, everyone! Just a quick note that there are some newer posts that some of you may not have seen yet over at my Wordpress blog, including a general "catching up" post, a report on my first annual observance of Queen Anne Boleyn's Day (the newest festival on my religious calendar), and a Memorial Day post listing my current "Mighty Dead."

Even though Memorial Day has now passed, since ancestor worship is becoming more important in my own practice I'd really love to hear from some of you in regard to the latter post. Who inspires you? Who are your chosen ancestors? Who do you number among your own Mighty Dead? (Please reply over at my blog, not here! :)
Just wanted to let everyone know I've been busy posting new pieces in my Animal Spirit Allies jewelry line (funky, fun and elegant totem jewelry combining real bones, claws and teeth with gemstone beads), with more to come!

In addition, all of my older jewelry is now on SALE, with savings of 30-50% off. Come visit my at Lady Rosamonde's Garden on Etsy and have a look!

Tree Spirit Vessel Necklaces

Hello all and happy spring!

Just wanted to let you all know about a new product line I just launched over at Lady Rosamonde's Garden, my Etsy store.

My Tree Spirit Vessel necklaces feature tiny specimens from eight species of tree (one type of tree per necklace) encapsulated in a glass vial with an appropriately-selected charm. All specimens were wildcrafted with the proper offerings, seven of them by me personally and one by another Pacific Northwest witch.

I handknitted the cords for the necklaces from nettle yarn (yes, nettle! it calls to mind fairy tales, but people have been spinning nettle into a durable yarn very similar to hemp for thousands of years) combined with other natural fibers such as silk, hemp, wool, and cotton. These light, easy to wear necklaces have been blessed on my altar and may be worn not only to honor and work with the species of tree spirit represented (and invoke its properties into your life and your magic), but also as a talisman that provides a link to the Great Tree, Yggdrasil, for the purposes of spirit work and hedgecrossing.

Choose from rowan, yew, blackthorn, hawthorn, oak, birch, crabapple, and willow! Here's a peek at the rowan necklace, below:

You can read more about the necklaces on my blog, or if you'd like to take a look at all eight of them and learn more about the trees featured, come visit me at my Etsy store. And thanks for looking!

My evolving oracular seidhr practice

In which I elaborate on some recent and coming changes to the rite, here.