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In the Kingdom of the Corvids

News and Updates from my World

22 September
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"In my end is my beginning." - Personal motto of Mary, Queen of Scotts

I'm Beth: priestess of Wodan, fiber artist, jewelry maker and sometime writer, seidhrkona and cunning woman, and scary cat lady. I live in Eugene, Oregon with my partner, bluedolfyn, the aforementioned cats, Corbie J. the Hero Dog, a vintage spinning wheel, and various and sundry Gods and wights. I am employed full-time in the herbal industry.

I'm not around LJ a whole lot these days, though I do pop my head in from time to time. Here are some other places you can find me online:

Wytch of the North (my Etsy store): http://ladyrosamonde.etsy.com

The Wytch of the North blog: http://wytchofthenorth.wordpress.com
(wortcunning, spirit work, runes, and Germanic polytheism, with occasional posts about new products available at my Etsy store)

The Fensalir Fiber blog: http://fensalirfiber.wordpress.com
(my ongoing adventures in handspinning, dyeing, knitting, and felting, plus a whole lot of fiber porn)

Gate of the Slain (my website): http://gateoftheslain.weebly.com.
Here you will find links for purchasing my books from Amazon.com and Lulu. You can also read some of my articles, stories, and poetry online for free and find out more about my oracular seidhr practice.

And of course I can always be reached via email: wodandis at gmail dot com.